While ‘sustainability’ is an over-used and abused word, a key part of our mission is to live in harmony with our environment, support local livelihoods, and respect local culture.

While we are nowhere close to fully eco friendly, we are making significant progress towards ensuring that our resort complies with international standards of eco friendly accommodations. This means that we are paying close attention to the ways in which we can minimize the harmful effects of tourism on our property and for our surrounding region, and that indeed we can set our operations up to maximize our net positive effect on Pelabuhan Ratu.

When transforming an existing villa and private estate to an eco resort, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. Over the last year, we have ensured that our renovations are benefiting local craftsmen, that our local team members are getting more than fair wages, that we are doing are best to minimize plastic and other unsustainable waste, that we are composting all our organic wastes, and that we are minimizing our use of energy.

Our fundamental purpose is to demonstrate sustainable solutions for the way we live, and to inspire our guests that sustainable living is not only easy but immensely enjoyable. We relish in the opportunity to introduce our guests to our conservation forests, our sustainable timber plantations, our eco adventures (mountain biking, hiking), our mainly vegetarian and 90% locally sourced food and beverages, and our mission to ensure the local national park is protected and managed properly.

Over time, more and more of our energy will come from solar and wind power. Over time, our forests and agricultural initiatives will become examples of sustainable, organic, and responsible methods of land management. Over time, we will craft our guest experience to more and more focus on the enjoyment of our natural environment and help our guests form a deep bond with nature. Our forests are magical, and we hope you will discover them in all their glorious beauty. Over time we hope to show you that the world’s greatest challenges can be solved by local solutions, and therefore we hope that your stay with us will not only be relaxing but also inspiring and life changing.

Schitzo Hills Forest Resort is designed and managed with a mission to empower our guests to be agents of change, and to learn with us about the solutions that exist to our common challenges.