Have a special event coming up and need the right venue? Our company has hosted weddings, team building outings, corporate retreats, annual planning sessions, TV shows, birthday parties, private parties, yoga retreats, meditation retreats, school field trips for middle and high school, music video shooting, fashion shows, private concerts and a whole range of events and functions.

Team Building & Organizational Retreats

Schitzo Hills is perfect for teams of 6 – 25 people.
In our experience, team retreats or events are best divided into three parts:
1) fun & games, 2) meeting / training, and 3) free time to relax, explore and bond.

Fun & Game Activities

For fun & games there are a number of activities and exercises that are sure to get the team loosened up, relaxed, energized, and laughing! Our team can help you find the right facilitator and in some cases, our own team will be able to help facilitate some basic games and ice breakers for your event.

Meeting Facilities

For meetings, our open air lounge is a great place to discuss, plan, collaborate, and get inspired by the views. We have a great long table, white boards, and a projector and screen for your team to think together, present ideas, and come up with strategies and plans.

Training Facilitation

If you are looking for training, we are also very happy to find the right facilitator to answer your organization’s needs. Our partners have a special interest in leadership training, effective communication, sustainability, and vision building.

Free Time!

Last of all, in our experience it’s great to have some free time for the team to relax, bond, and have some fun! Whether it’s swimming, going for hikes in the area, getting the team members to bond and get to know each other better, free time is an essential ingredient! Please get in touch to customize your team outing!

Did we mention we can set up a sound system and karaoke? It’s always good to celebrate and let loose a little!