Our adventure in food and beverages is an old love story. It’s a love story between people who love good food, and people who cook good food. It’s a love story between farmers and their lands. Between the sun and the plants, the soil and water. While we don’t claim to be experts in this area, there is a passion that runs deep for delicious, healthy, and sustainable meals that are exquisite to the taste, and yet oh so simple.

All your basic meals and beverages are included in your package when you stay with us. For breakfast you can expect a healthy and nutritious start to the day with either fresh tropical fruits or a smoothie bowl. We also serve freshly brewed coffee, teas, and hot ginger in the mornings.

For something savory, we offer both western and Indonesian breakfasts. Western offerings include wholegrain toast with local jams and forest honey, French style crepes, cheese & tomato jaffles, free range eggs, sauteed vegetables, and either vegan or chicken sausages. Indonesian savory offerings include nasi goreng with shredded, local free range chicken and complimented by special green chilli leave omelettes and freshly sliced cucumber and tomatoes.

Both lunch and dinner are also buffet meals, and will always include a carbohydrate dish (usually rice but sometimes pasta), some type of tempe or tofu, at least two fresh, seasonal vegetable dishes, and some type of Sundanese style fish or chicken. Lunch will also include soup, and both meals will also usually include a salad and a ‘sambal‘ or spicy sauce.

Did we mention snacks? 🙂 Think lightly battered and fried pisang goreng with our fresh, locally sourced forest honey and a little ginger essence. Or perhaps grilled banana with a touch of cheese and chocolate. Or think crispy nacho chips with our very own special Indonesian sauce complete with tempe, tofu, eggplants and shredded cheese on top with finely cut green chillies for a little extra kick.

In 2020 we will be putting more energy into building a permaculture and biodynamic farm so that we can offer you the farm-to-table experience, and so that you can even harvest your own meals.

Where possible we currently source from local farmers and fisherman and do our best to ensure high quality ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals. We also use high quality coconut cooking oil, and herbs and spices from one of our favorite social enterprises, Javara.