Pelabuhan Ratu has a wide range of activities on offer, and our team will be more than happy to help you survey the best of the best in the region.

Activities at Schitzo Hills

First off, you don’t actually need to leave Schitzo Hills to enjoy activities during your stay. Our resort is a wonderful place to explore, swim, play tennis, hike, and even go on mountain bike rides. Quality mountain bikes and mountain bike tracks for beginners and intermediate riders are available and you can also use these bikes to explore the surrounding areas.

Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming
Love swimming laps or have kids that like to play in the pool? We have a large, infinity swimming pool with beautiful views of the jungle and the Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, and the pool is great for swimming laps too. If sun-tanning can be counted as an activity, we have some pool lounge chairs where you can get an extra dose of Vitamin D as you soak in the sun’s rays. Or, hit the tennis, badminton and basketball court for some fun!

Forest Trails & Bathing
Across our 10 ha private estate that borders protected forests, we also have lots of walking trails. On a lucky day, you will hear and see eagles, and maybe even catch a glimpse of monkeys from the nearby conservation forest. During the rainy seasons, two streams run through the property.


Discovering the Best of Pelabuhan Ratu & the Ciletuh Geopark

While Pelabuhan Ratu has always been famous for surfing, over the last decade more than 20 waterfalls have been discovered and made accessible to the public. With the new road towards the Geopark, one can discover many beautiful waterfalls – some very large ones that are very popular, and others less well known, and beautifully clean and clear. Our favorite waterfalls are about 30 minutes drive by car, and a short hike in.

Beaches & Surfing
Depending on the type of beach you like, there are several within 10-15 minutes from our lodge. If you would like to surf, Cimaja is a mere 20 minutes away with lots of great restaurant options catering to the international guests that come from Australia and Japan, among other countries.

Natural Hot Springs

In for some relaxation and healing? We know and have access to a beautiful and private hot spring location about 30 minutes drive from our lodge.

Eat & Enjoy
Keen to explore the best local seafood and delicacies? We have mapped out the best local restaurants that cater to both Indonesian and Western taste buds.

Special Bikepacking Trips
During the course of October and November, we will be launching ‘bikepacking’ trips leaving from our lodge to ride through the local landscapes to discover gorgeous camping sites.

Custom Activities

If you’ve got something in mind – please get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you to satisfy your adventure or exploration craving!