Welcome home. Life is simple, good and adventurous here.

We’re up on a hill with beautiful views of the Pelabuhan Ratu Bay, and behind us are lush mountain jungles. All within close reach you’ll find gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful beaches, excellent surfing waves, and a sleepy yet charming beach town with plenty of interesting places to visit.

Over the last few years, a few friends teamed up to transform a private estate into a boutique resort with a focus on personal growth, sustainability, outdoor adventures, and deep relaxation and rejuvenation.  

Here you will find beautiful and stylish lodgings, an expansive open air lounge and library which also doubles as our living and dining room. Right in front of our lounge, an infinity pool with great views of the Bay, and right behind the lounge a great tennis court, badminton court, and basketball court tucked under the towering jungle and national park that borders our land.  

When you come here, expect to feel at home.  Everything is included in your package. All you have to do is get here and back (and we can help you with that, too). All meals are simple, healthy, and delicious. We provide free flow mineral water, hot ginger ‘tea,’ coffee, and teas. You also have full access to our large swimming pool, tennis, badminton, and basketball courts. 

Beyond this, you get access to our whole 10 Hectare Estate, complete with walking, running, and mountain biking trails. You also get access to our fleet of high quality mountain bikes. 

Finally, you get the full attention from our team to ensure a great stay. Our same team founded, built, and manages one of Jakarta’s best known weekend escapes, Pulau Macan Eco Resort & Village in Pulau Seribu. Your satisfaction and the quality of your stay is very important to us. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit! You can book a spot now, or reach out to one of us with any questions you may have.